Virtual Site Inspection

Empower Event Planners to Discover the Perfect Venue

Did you know that, nearly 71% of customers believe that the most important thing companies can do for them is to value their time?

Speed up the booking process of Meetings & Events with Virtual Site Inspections!

Virtual Sales Platform content for sales teams

Improve Satisfacion and Customer Experience

Event Planners also would love to streamline the time they spend on the search of spaces for their events.

Digitization and Virtual Immersive Content has allowed Fam Trips become quicker and cheaper for travel agencies

Plus, they can realize several virtual site inspections the same day.

Even immersive inspections! Both their satisfaction (for saving time) and their customer experience (for being innovative) will be improved!

Reduce Walkthroughs & Empower your Sales Teams

Have you analyzed how many time does your sales team spend on preliminary Site Inspections?

With Virtual Site Inspections, you will reduce walkthroughs. 

Your Sales Team will be focus on big groups and clients, whereas they could speed up and close faster site inspections for minor groups or events.

Virtual Sales Platform for a Virtual Selling - FirstView Technology

Not only you will be optimizing your seals team workload and time, but also closing more bookings for events. Sooner than later you will see how your MICE revenue increases!

MICE revenue increases!

Increase Revenue

Ready to boost your MICE Business?

Discover Spazious: Technology to close More Group Business in Half the Time!

Spazious will help you increase your conversion and revenue of Meetings & Events groups.

Plus, the technology will optimize your sales workload, helping them to face all the RFPs instantaneously and focus on the big groups.


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