Paradisus Los Cabos relies again on FirstView and expands its spaces with Virtual Reality

Paradisus Los Cabos 5*, one of the most exclusive resorts in Mexico, is carrying out its second project with FirstView, to continue improving the experience of its guests and expanding its virtual reality (VR) tours with new spaces. 

Pool View in Paradisus Los Cabos by FirstView

Aware of the growing demand for innovative technologies and immersive experiences, Paradisus Los Cabos has decided to expand its partnership with FirstView to offer its visitors a unique and captivating way to explore and get to know its facilities before their arrival: virtual tours of its spaces.

Through Virtual Reality, guests can enjoy a virtual preview of the resort’s different areas, experiencing a realistic and immersive sensation.

An update is the 360º Aerial View that has been made from four different points: north side, east side, aerial view of the pool area, and a more general aerial view of the whole hotel extension.

From the Virtual Sales Platform, both guests and hotel staff can access «hotspots.» These interactive hotspots are indicated in the maps to help move around the map and get to know all Paradisus Los Cabos’ amenities and services. 

The project between FirstView and Paradisus Los Cabos provides future visitors with a visually and emotionally engaging experience that will allow them to immerse themselves in the paradisiacal atmosphere of the resort even before they arrive. For example, visiting the hotel’s restaurants. In this content expansion, we included the Sal and Cielo restaurants to the 8 that had already been produced previously. 

Dollhouse from the Virtual Sales Platform

The integration of Virtual Reality at Paradisus Los Cabos offers a unique opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and luxury of this world-class destination. With this innovative technology, Paradisus Los Cabos reaffirms its commitment to provide exceptional experiences and continue to be a benchmark in the luxury hotel industry.

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