AHCPMIM boosts its digitalization and that of its associates with FirstView

The Hotel Association of Cancun, Puerto Morelos & Isla Mujeres has launched a new web project and digitized its building with 360º aerial images and Virtual Reality. All this, hand in hand with FirstView.

This action initiated by the AHCPMIM is aimed at enhancing the visibility of the associated hotels and the use of high-quality virtual content. FirstView has developed a Virtual Platform for the Association in which all the associated hotels appear and that will boost traffic to their sites. Take a look!

And not only that! They have also created 360º aerial images in an interactive map. Click here and visit their page. 

In addition, the association has also created a digital space, including access to all its partner hotels. In fact, those that have chosen to create virtual tours have linked their content directly to the platform.

However, recent A/B tests conducted at FirstView show that virtual tours in the hotel booking engine increase conversion by 15-20%. In this way, working in collaboration with FirstView, the Association is committed to helping its member hotels boost conversion and revenue. 

Other interesting data on virtual reality in the sector: 

  • 15-20% increase in Hotel Booking Engine conversion rates.
  • 19% increase in M&E proposals.
  • 25% upselling from the hotel front desk. 


David Martinez-Única, Global Director at FirstView, attended the Hotel Association of Cancun, Puerto Morelos & Isla Mujeres, to present FirstView’s project in collaboration with the association and to unveil the company’s new features. Specifically, the virtual content platform will help associated hoteliers to empower their marketing and sales teams.

He also had the opportunity to share with associates his experience with virtual reality and immersive content. In this regard, he offered tips to improve conversion in the direct channel; for marketing and sales teams to take advantage of virtual content; and a use case: Meliá Hotels International. 


He also presented the latest functionality and technological development of FirstView: the 360º aerial map with interactive points, which we have also worked on together with the Association. From this virtual space, hotels can show all their services, include documents, increase bookings and reservations, and improve the customer experience. In fact, we raffled among the event attendees a 360º Aerial View experience with Interactive Hotspots!

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