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Virtual Selling Immersive Content by FirstView - Fam Trips for Travel Agents
Virtual Tours

The Future of Hotel Fam Trips: Unveiling Destinations with Virtual Tours

The emergence of cutting-edge technology is reshaping the way travel professionals explore and promote hotels and destinations. One such innovation taking center stage is the integration of Virtual Tours 360º within comprehensive Virtual Sales Platforms, revolutionizing the familiarization trip experience.

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Virtual Sales Platform

Virtual Fam Trips: A Sales Revolution for Hoteliers and Event Venues

Traditionally, travel agent familiarization trips, commonly known as «fam trips,» have played a vital role in showcasing the offerings of hotels and event spaces to travel professionals. However, these trips have often been limited by constraints of time, budget, and logistics. This is where the virtual selling revolution, spearheaded by FirstView, is making waves.

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Headquartered in Miami Beach, and with offices in Los Angeles and Madrid, FirstView is both an immersive content production company and a powerful 3D and 360° sales tool for hotels and venues. Since 2015 we are changing how properties around the world present themselves to their partners and potential clients. Join us. Your venue deserves it.

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