Google Street View allows the integration of FirstView’s virtual and immersive content

Surely you know and are a user of Google Street View. It is a platform that appears in both Google Maps and Google Earth. Its objective is to provide a panoramic street view with which the user interacts with high engagement.

Consumer trends are evolving towards immersive content and Virtual Reality and at FirstView we are aware of this. That is why we work to provide hotels, resorts, and other spaces with virtual content for their sales and marketing teams. We highlight the 360º virtual tours, aerial view, immersive content, and technology that we developed for its management: the Virtual Sales Platform.

Now, Google Street View allows you to incorporate Virtual Tours in specific places such as hotels or resorts, but also museums, stadiums, restaurants, or company premises. 

This type of high-quality content generates much more digital visibility for the websites of these companies. Users interact with virtual tours more than with ordinary photographs.

We integrate AHCPMIM’s virtual tours in Google

The Hotel Association of Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres, selected FirstView as their virtual sales and promotion content provider. It is also in charge of promoting the technology among its associated companies. Through its Virtual Sales Platform, the association has access to all the tours of its spaces and an aerial view with Hot Spots that guide web users. 

We were recently in Cancun to present the project to its associates. Currently, the Association’s virtual tours are integrated into Google Street View and are accessible to all users. 

Hotel Meliá Avenida de América in Madrid decides to upload its tours to Google Street View

Hotel Meliá Avenida de América in Madrid decided to produce its immersive content with the FirstView team. Recently, we integrated their virtual tours into Google Street View. This way, users searching for the hotel through online channels can visit it remotely.

Are you a FirstView client and want us to upload your virtual tours to Google Street View? Get in touch with your Project Manager or contact our team directly through this form and we’ll get started. 

On the other hand, if you are considering updating the images with which you promote your company on Google, contact our team. We will record your spaces with the latest technology and the highest quality. Increase your digital visibility and stand out among your main competitors!

Headquartered in Miami Beach, and with offices in Los Angeles and Madrid, FirstView is both an immersive content production company and a powerful 3D and 360° sales tool for hotels and venues. Since 2015 we are changing how properties around the world present themselves to their partners and potential clients. Join us. Your venue deserves it.


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