Discover the 360º Aerial Digital Twin with interactive hotspots

Hoteliers have the major goal to improve their customers’ experience every day. Creating high-quality and impactful content can be key to positioning a hotel against its competitors. For this reason, we have created the interactive hotspots map from a 360º aerial view, a new FirstView feature that we explain in this post.

Why this feature?

We create a hotel aerial 360º digital twin view where we introduce interactive hotspots with further information

The user can understand the layout of the hotel and easily move from this view to another virtual tour implemented in each hotspot. Also, view more information about a specific venue or facility. Plus, booking online since we are connected to the main PMSs.  

For example, in large hotels or resorts, it is difficult to find your way around and know all the services you can enjoy. Some offer physical maps and include in-room information for guests. Using the new functionality of FirstView the hotel:

  • Creates a total, visual map of the entire hotel.
  • Allows to publicize all the amenities offered and incorporate extra documents.
  • Adds value, and improves your image and guest perception.
  • Improves customer experience.
  • The map can be used by marketing, sales teams and guests.
  • As it works as a booking platform, the total revenue of the hotel or resort increases

Paradisus Cancún by Meliá implemented the aerial view digital twin with hotspots to improve their guests experience and their engagement with the hotel amenities. 

The solution

The functionality meets the key objectives of the hotel and enhances its brand image against its main competitors. 

The Aerial 360º digital twin has several applications:

Guests can learn about all the services offered by the hotel and plan ahead for their activities. This functionality has a 100% customer-centric approach.

Sales teams can display stunning images of the hotel and, from the hotspots map, access other spaces. All spaces can include virtual tours, according to the hotel’s preference. This provides an immersive experience for customers.

Marketing teams can use the content for news or promotions. High-resolution images can be extracted from each virtual tour. The content available for marketing is unlimited!


If you want to know more about FirstView or this specific feature, do not hesitate to contact our team. 

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