Virtual Reality

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We frequently hear the term “virtual reality”, and for us in general, it seems that we
have pretty clear the concept or definition. Commonly we related to the technological
or computing environment where users have the feeling of being inside a device,
such as gloves, glasses or headset of virtual reality, and so on. To interact with that
environment and have intensified stimulation and perceptions of reality.
But what happens, when this is applied to hotels, for example. This is not only wear
a headset or gloves. Arise downloadable software for our future visitors; so that they
have a perception of how it would stay there. A virtual tour of the hotel where we
stay, booking our holiday.
Virtual Reality is a tool that can be used for the promotion of destinations and
services. Apply virtual reality to the tourism offers great opportunities for a hotel
show its content and users access through 360 photographs or 360 videos and get
relevant information showing not only the contents of a hotel, but creativity and
optimization resources.
It is essential to mention that virtual reality is gaining strength in the hotel sector,
creating unique strategies to provide different experiences to its customers. The
most important thing is that the main objective of these experiences will become a
guaranteed increase in sales.
For the tourist and hotel, invest in virtual reality industry, it involves an opportunity
to differentiate and enrich the travel experience and offer special services that will
wrap the client in a unique experience.
In this, social networks have had much to contribute, because are leading the way
and technological changes that are living in the marketing departments of hotel
companies. Some companies have begun to show their strategies to ensure new
experiences that make a difference over its competitors.
But even if you do not plan to travel physically anywhere, virtual reality is a
fantastic way to “know” places and “live” new experiences. Anyone can “travel” to
cities that would never go. Regardless of the reasons that tourists have. It is even
possible to participate in guided tours through picturesque neighborhoods in distant
villages, mountain climbing, enjoy the most beautiful beaches in the world; travel to
Mars, the possibilities are endless.
The experience of each customer has become the main engine of all organizations,
where stressed the importance of the integration of different systems but they are
related with business objectives through downloadable content and realistic
experiences make companies can simulate actions essential to your business.
Currently there are applications that can use to get closer to this virtual reality. To
have an idea, we mentioned some as: NASA, Ascape, YouVisit, Discovery, Lufthansa
who makes available, 360 videos with the most important destinations in the world.
Google Maps Street View has been preparing us for virtual tours.
Implement and take advantage of virtual reality tools to enhance tourism products is
definitely the best ally of hotel marketing. It is clear that virtual reality when applied
to tourism, is a perfect place to encourage people to travel and that they have the
experience they expect supplement.

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